K-8 Tuition Free Public Charter School


Meet Our Governance Board


Shane Clark

Shane Clark leads the Governing Board as Navigator Academy of Leadership’s Board Chair.

With 23 years of experience in education, 4 of which was spent as a charter school administrator, Mr. Clark offers the guidance and experience necessary to steer the school to success. Mr. Clark is currently working as life group pastor where he is able to unify his two passions; education and ministry.

Mr. Clark was an integral part of the vision and mission that helped establish Navigator Academy of Leadership. In addition to his experience in education, leadership, and administration, Mr. Clark’s extensive experience as a Physical Science and Chemistry teacher ensures that Navigator Academy of Leadership’s science-based, SMART curriculum is effectively executed.

Mr. Clark also shares the vision of educating and growing students to be well-rounded leaders by developing their character. As a teacher, he accomplished this while coaching scholar athletes and expects that Navigator Academy of Leadership, along with The Leader in Me, will accomplish the same with even better results.


Kurt Schaer

Kurt Schaer is the Executive Director for a local Tampa Bay Church.

He is a man of great moral standing who has earned the respect from the local community. He believes in working with the youth to help them understand the consequences for their actions in order to aid them in making better decisions.

Mr. Schaer shares in Navigator’s philosophy of building the leaders of tomorrow to be well-rounded and respectful citizens. One question he asks of children is if their “Words” and their Works” align. He brings a great perspective and valuable experience that is parallel to that of The Leader in Me as well as the mission of Navigator Academy of Leadership K-8.


Michael Pearson

Michael Pearson is born in Tampa and played High School football in Armwood.

He attended the University of Florida and played football with a scholarship. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree from UF in Business.

He then was drafted to play with the Jacksonville Jaguars and was an elite NFL player. Mr. Pearson is a well-respected business man and role model for the students at Navigator Academy of Leadership.