A Well-Rounded Education is a Foundation for Success!

Our “SMART” curriculum includes instruction that is relevant and focuses on Science, Math, Art, Reading (Literature), and Technology to provide a well-rounded foundation to education.

A well-rounded education is the same philosophy which the greatest academic institutions were founded upon. The focus is on the “Whole Child” before it becomes specific. Educating the “whole student” is the same ideology shared by the great philosophers to educate the “whole person.” We will include the added focus of technology as it plays such an important role in everyday life.

With information so easily accessible, students need to be taught to:
  • Read, Synthesize, Analyze, and Apply
  • Have the skill of foresight and be problem solvers
  • Must develop people skills:
    • Good Listeners
    • Team Builders
    • Collaborate
    • Know how to assemble good teams and leverage talent

Our Academic Program

In all subjects, Navigator Academy of Leadership will meet the students where they are at through:
  • Enrichment
  • Remediation
  • Fill-in Learning Gaps
  • True RtI = Response to Instruction and Response to Intervention
Reading and Language Arts

  • Houghton Mifflin Florida Common Core Journeys
  • Shurley Grammar
  • Journeys Intervention Tool Kits (Interventions)
  • Reading REWARDS by Voyager Sopris (Intensive Intervention)

  • Junior Great Books
  • Shurley Grammar
  • Novel Studies
  • National Geographic – Inside (Intervention)
  • Reading REWARDS by Voyager Sopris (Intensive Intervention)
  • OPM = iReady or IStation


  • McGraw-Hill My Math
  • McGraw-Hill Number Worlds (Intervention)
  • Mathletics - assists with DI

  • Glencoe Math
  • McGraw-Hill Number Worlds (Intervention)
  • Mathletics - assists with DI
  • OPM = iReady or Istation

Our mathematics curriculum will assist us in developing students who understand mathematical concepts and demonstrate the ability to apply mathematical reasoning and problem-solving skills through the effective implementation of the 8 standards for mathematical practice.
Social Studies
  • Florida Social Studies Weekly – Aligned to the ELA Standards and cover topics by grade level

  • Pearson My Florida World

Social Studies education will also incorporate foundational topics that promote compassion, respect, diversity, loyalty, and love of country and community.
This will prepare students to participate intelligently in public affairs and have traits necessary to be leaders in their community. Social studies education will provide students with an understanding of the democratic principles and ideals upon which good citizenship is founded and an understanding of the world beyond their borders.
Lessons will be designed to teach students to effectively analyze and reference evidence, use sources effectively, detect potential bias in resources due to cultural influences, and argue empathetically.
  • McGraw-Hill Science: A Closer Look
  • OR
  • Pearson Interactive Science Secondary
  • Glencoe Florida Science
  • OR
  • Pearson Interactive Science
  • IntoScience: A technology-based program that facilitates scientific exploration that may not be readily accessible on a daily basis. This is not in lieu of hands-on Science labs. It will promote continuous and self-driven exploration on the part of the student.

21st Century Science and Engineering
  • Engineering is Elementary (EiE): Engineering and Technology Lessons for Children for grades K-5
  • Engineering Adventures for grades 3-5
  • Engineering Everywhere for grades 6-8.
  • K’NEX – Introduce basic building and engineering concepts
  • Lego Robotics – Introduce coding into engineering
  • VEX Robotics - courses can be added to the course offerings in order to address, in more detail, the National Science, Mathematics, Technology, and Language Arts Standards. Created by Carnegie Mellon University’s Robotics Academy, the curriculum is research-based, aligns with standards, and focuses on the development of 21st century skills. Both basic courses as well as more advanced technical courses provide our students with the opportunity to earn industry certifications before they even enter high school.
  • Introduction to Aerospace – Federal Aviation Administration K-12 Free STEM Curriculum
  • Code.org, Minecraft, and other such introductory coding programs